Nokia Windows RT Tablet Leaks (10.1", Battery Cover, 10-Hour, HDMI, 2 USB, Kickstand & More!)

Nokia Windows RT Tablet Leaks (10.1", Battery Cover, 10-Hour, HDMI, 2 USB, Kickstand & More!)

Nokia's Windows RT powered Tablet has been leaked out! Featuring a 10.1" display, 10-hr battery, HDMI, 2 USB ports, an extra battery cover & keyboard cover w/ a kickstand. The murmurs surrounding a 10-inch Nokia tablet are growing louder, and they suggest that the company won't just follow the herd. Tipsters for The Verge claim that the Windows RT slate would center on a Surface-style keyboard cover with its own twists. While the add-on would shelter the screen, it would also include a battery to supplement the 10-hour lifespan of the tablet proper. Not enough? It could carry a pair of USB ports and serve as a kickstand. There may be a chance of a US release, as well: Nokia's tablet would supposedly include cellular access and head to AT&T in the US, much like its Booklet 3G ancestor. We're not surprised that the Finnish firm won't comment on the rumor, but we might not have long to wait for verification if the early 2013 release proves real. - Subscribe to PlayInfinite at: Make sure to check out our channel: Follow PlayInfinite @ajune24 on Twitter: Check us out on Google+:
Forget batteries, where am I supposed to find a spare HDMI cable on Christmas morning! :D

@faraz_armani ok yeah , what are the cables I need ? The hdmi and the one for the power for the xbox ?

そこで登場するwiiu 音源をHDMI以外で出力できない 分配器買うか

Ta Xbox est branché en HDMI ?

@wunderfrage Das Notebook im SZ hat keinen HDMI-Anschluß;-)

@Mahatmapech das macht man ausschliesslich mit HDMI. Alles andere ist so nullerjahre.

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