Well Being - When You Are Not Around [HD]

Well Being - When You Are Not Around [HD]

Artist:Well Being Title: Well Being and Physics Label: Zen Recordings Cat: ZENREC001 Format: 320 mp3 Released: 11 April, 2008 Genre: Drum And Bass
I absolutely LOVE being home alone in my pjs watching movies and stuffing my face all day. My wellbeing might not, but fuck it :)

@golden_kimono I just searched Ruki's username and all of the tweets were foreign fans asking about their wellbeing, which was confirmed to

time is never too short to live fully for your health, wellbeing, enjoyment, & what excites you & pleases you.

But there were people all over, not just in Japan, who actually gave a shit about human wellbeing and gave some money to help.

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