An Introduction to the Munchkin Card Game

An Introduction to the Munchkin Card Game

www.bestdanggames.com Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you see, and take the treasure. In the Munchkin card game, you can be a dwarf, or a cleric, or a cheating elven wizard with the Pantyhose of Giant Strength and the Staff of Napalm! Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. First one to Level 10 wins! Each core card game is a stand-alone game, or you can mix-them together. Several of the core card games have expansions specific to them. Play one or play them all.
RT @prettyeyesshana: "@chaauntee__: @prettyeyesshana Loll , cause your a munchkin hun. Ahh just love the name ;)" loll dfkm, truee

@JasonKneebone could've been the perfect opportunity to whip out Munchkin!

My Munchkin finally sound asleep so teen mom & wrappin his gifts for the remainder of the Night :-) # proud mom <3

@DaisyDukesS_ Awwn , you made my year too munchkin ! :)

Santa won't be visiting this house if my little munchkin doesn't get the sleep **❤**

@erikasmitty LOL Donald is a crazy lil munchkin & I ❤ him for it!

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